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Alma Dance Theater, NFP is thrilled to present a suite of “Coppélia” featuring excerpts from the famous ballet. The story revolves around a toymaker who creates a life-sized dancing doll named Coppélia. The local villagers, including a young couple named Franz and Swanilda, become enamored with the doll and mistake her for a real girl. Chaos ensues when they discover that she is, in fact, a doll, and they attempt to trick the toymaker into continuing to play with her.

The ballet features lively and playful dances that celebrate the art of ballet and bring the story of “Coppélia” to life on stage. The selected dances in the suite showcase the beauty and joy of ballet through their liveliness and playfulness. We invite you to join us for this wonderful performance that celebrates the art of ballet and brings the story of “Coppélia” to life on stage.

Event Details

Saturday, June 24th, 2023 at 5pm

Ticket Price: TBA

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