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Alma Dance Theater, NFP is thrilled to present a suite of “Sleeping Beauty,” featuring excerpts from the famous ballet. This enchanting suite includes selected scenes from Tchaikovsky’s beloved masterpiece. Follow Princess Aurora as she encounters fairies, battles an evil curse, and awaits true love’s kiss. Our performance captures the joy, wonder, and beauty of this timeless fairy tale, perfect for audiences of all ages.

The ballet features lively and playful dances that celebrate the art of ballet and bring the story of “Sleeping Beauty” to life on stage. These selected dances showcase the elegance and joy of ballet through their vibrant and spirited choreography. We invite you to join us for this wonderful performance that celebrates the art of ballet and brings the magical story of “Sleeping Beauty” to life.

Event Details

Saturday, June 29th, 2024 at 5pm

Ticket Price: $45-48

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