Private Lessons

Private and Semi-private lessons help students achieve the greatest amount of success in the least amount of time. Students meet with a teacher either one-on-one or with up to 2 students, and work to improve skills and build confidence, in an individualized setting.

Private Lessons

ADS successfully prepares students for various competitions, including the Universal Ballet Competition, ADC IBC Ballet Competition, World Ballet Competition, Youth America Grand Prix, assisting them with precise coaching and choreography. For more information on competition opportunities, please contact us at

Private Dance Lessons Glen Ellyn

Private Lessons Info

Who can sign-up?

Anyone may sign-up for private and semi-private lessons.  You don’t need to be enrolled in a group class at ADS to register for private lessons. We recommend private lessons for dancers ages 8 through adults.

What are private lessons?

The individual nature of private lessons means that instruction is catered directly to your student’s ability level. Students enrolled in private lessons are able to move at their own pace instead of being tethered to the pace of the class as a whole.

Why private lessons?

Lessons are great for:

  1. Beginner students who want to catch up to peers who are more experienced.
  2. Students who want to train for a competition.
  3. Students who want to work on specific skills or want some individualized attention.
  4. Students who want to limit their exposure to fewer people, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Are lessons worth it?

Private lessons are worth the money as they will directly help you. The instructor will give you one-on-one help with specific steps, position, or skill you are learning.  Students benefit from concentrated time to learn, try again, and continue to work on a skill until it improves.

Scheduling Lessons:

You may schedule private lessons by contacting us at

Lessons are offered in 30-minute and 1- hour sessions.

Lessons needing to be canceled for any reason (including illness) must be canceled 24- hours prior to the scheduled lesson time to avoid a cancelation fee.