Ballet Under the Stars

Step out on stage as part of a full-length ballet production.

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A Much-loved Christmas Ballet

Alma Dance School is a performing school; students of all levels dance with professionals during Alma Dance Theater’s highly acclaimed, professionally-produced Nutcracker production.

While we accept as many dancers as possible, we hold auditions so we can work out where in the cast to place each performer.

Alma Dance Theater 2021 Nutcracker Audition

A Much-loved Christmas Ballet

We are thrilled to announce our 2021 Nutcracker Open Audition! The audition is open to everyone in our community from ages 3 through adult. This magical holiday performance will enchant and amaze audiences as Clara and her Nutcracker embark on a marvelous adventure to the Land of Sweets.

Alma Dance Theater, NFP’s The Nutcracker features acclaimed international ballet stars and actors from around the world, Alma Dance School’s students and our own guest stars, children from our special needs program.

Audition Date: Saturday, August 21st, 2021
Audition Times:
Ages 3-8: 1-1:45 pm

Zoom Mandatory Parent’s Meeting for Age Group: 3-8: 1:45-2:05 pm

Ages 9 & Up: 3-4:15pm

Zoom Mandatory Parent’s Meeting for Age Group: 9 & Up: 4:15-4:35 pm

Audition Fee:
Ages 3-8: $15

Ages 9 & Up: $18

Frequently Asked Questions

Saturday, August 21st, 2021

Ages 3-8: 1-1:45pm

Zoom Mandatory Parent’s Meeting for Age Group: 3-8: 1:45-2:05 pm

Ages 9 & Up: 3-4:15pm

Zoom Mandatory Parent’s Meeting for Age Group: 9 & Up: 4:15-4:35 pm

Ages 3-8: $15

Ages 9 & Up $18

Dancers must arrive 15 minutes before the audition.

Female: Any color leotard with pink tights and pink canvas ballet slippers.

Hair: Hair must be pulled back neatly and secured in a ballet bun.

Male: White T-shirt, black tights, white canvas ballet slippers and white socks (short).

Alma Dance School & Alma Dance Theater, NFP

999 N Main St Suite 108 Glen Ellyn IL, 60137

Saturday, December 11th, 2021 at 7 pm

Sunday, December 12th, 2021 at 2 pm

The cast member participation fee varies depending on each dancer’s age and the number of roles they are assigned within the production. To provide you with a more precise amount please click HERE to request your dancer’s cast member participation fee.

An audition is used to determine the proper role for each dancer, not to eliminate dancers. All dancers who audition will be cast in our Nutcracker production. Roles are based on the dancer’s ability, which we will determine during the audition.

Yes, we are holding open auditions this year and dancers from any studio are welcome to participate. What a beautiful way to build our community! Children from different towns, different studios and with varying levels of proficiency will come together in one place and share in this magical production. We welcome friends of our current students as well as students who don’t have any dance experience. The Nutcracker will be an unforgettable experience for your child.

Our audition is open to all students, those currently enrolled at Alma Dance School and non-Alma Dance School students alike.

Saturday, September 11th, 2021

Rehearsals will be held on Saturdays. The rehearsal commitment will vary depending on the dancer’s age and the number of assigned roles. Typically, our youngest dancers (3-7 yrs old) are scheduled for rehearsals only a few Saturdays starting in October.

The cast list will be posted on Tuesday, September 7th and all participants will receive a detailed schedule on that day, listing all rehearsal dates and times for each participant.

The performances will be at Elgin Community College Blizzard Theater

Building H, 1700 Spartan Drive Elgin, IL 60123

Yes, all rehearsals are mandatory. It is very difficult for students to catch up after a missed rehearsal, and absences can also cause confusion and frustration to others involved in the production. We are very cognizant of the time demands placed upon our young dancers and the lives of their families. Therefore, we do our best to be efficient when we schedule rehearsals.

Creating a cast for Nutcracker takes a large amount of time, detail and effort. We work hard to ensure that students receive equal opportunities at our school. Each dancer who steps through our door is important to us, and we want to help each dancer reach his or her personal best. However, it is also difficult to recast students and reconstruct the best possible cast if a student withdraws from the show. We respectfully request that families do not audition for the Nutcracker if they are uncertain about whether they want to participate in the production.