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As a professional classical ballet school, Alma Dance School adheres to a professional dress code for all dancers. Current students should have their attire by the first day of class.  New students have one week to purchase the required attire; all students should have full attire by the second week of class.  Following is an overview of the dress code.

  • Dance Division All Levels (Girls): A black leotard (NO skirt) with convertible pink tights. We offer a few options of black leotards that dancers can choose from. Please click HERE and choose a leotard from any of the styles available for this division.

  • Boys: White fitted T-shirt, black convertible tights, and black canvas shoes (NO BLACK LEATHER shoes will be allowed as they stain the dance floor)

SHOES: Pink canvas ballet slippers are required, please no leather slippers. Students approved by the directors to begin pointe work must also have their approval on the proper fit before sewing and wearing pointe shoes.

Any shoes worn in class should never have been worn outside or on pavement as this may cause damage to the marley flooring. Students should also wear shoes to and from the studio and not arrive or leave barefoot.

CONTEMPORARY/MODERN: Same attire as ballet class is required. Dance shorts and leggings may be worn. Please no loose-fit pants as the teacher needs to be able to see the dancers’ lines.

CONDITIONING CLASSES: Dancers will need a yoga mat, two yoga blocks (Dimensions: 9 inches W x 6 inches H x 4 inches D / Weight: 4.6), and a theraBand medium strength. Note: “medium strength” bands will be different colors depending on the brand. We recommend the one in the link below as it is very long, and it can be cut to the needed length. If you decide to purchase this one, please ensure you select the 6 yards heavy green. Please use the links below as a reference for the yoga mat, yoga blocks, and theraband.

  • Click HERE to view the yoga mat.
  • Click HERE to view the yoga blocks.
  • Click HERE to view the theraband.

PURCHASING ATTIRE: Uniform leotards, tights, ballet shoes, and convertible pink tights can be ordered online or in-person in one of the Allegro Dance Boutique’s local stores. To order your uniform online please click HERE. Orders placed online will be shipped to your address. If you are unsure of your dancer’s size, please call the store at, Evanston – (847) 733-8460) or Barrington – (847-277-1009), PRIOR to placing an order online.

HAIR: Hair must be pulled back neatly and secured in a bun.

JEWELRY & ACCESSORIES: No jewelry is allowed in class, except for small stud earrings.  This includes no rings, watches, fitness trackers, or bracelets of any kind. No leg warmers, black tights, ballet skirts, or extra clothing of any kind may be worn to class.

COVER-UPS: All students should wear cover-ups to and from the school at all times.