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Core Values

We are committed – heart, body, and mind – to our students.  Their well-being and progression through dance is our devotion. The integrity behind our training is demonstrated in our students’ executional excellence and quality. What we do, we do well. We assist students in mastering fundamentals, keeping them motivated and challenged so that they develop their full potential. Through our exceptional methodology of dance, our students are highly sought and have been awarded contracts with renowned dance companies in North America. Whether just recreational or pre-professional, each student is welcomed to explore “the best they can be”.

The expression, “It takes a village” is particularly appropriate for the world of dance. Dance training and performance relies on a cooperative and supportive community of families which bolster the entire program. In fact, it is part of the Cuban Dance method philosophy. Each student and family brings something special to community.  Alma Dance School and Alma Dance Theater, NFP, believes in inclusive community involvement. From open auditions for our Nutcracker to parent-involvement opportunities, community is key to the dancer’s success. Alma is particularly proud of their support of a special needs program, where students are invited to dance in the annual Nutcracker, being twice awarded the ComEd “Powering the Arts” grant.

Alma Dance School believes in respecting yourself and each other. This starts with body image and self-confidence and extends to participation in a loving, respectful community. Respectful communications and actions are key to the program. The art of dance is rooted in self-control, personal expression and teamwork. We demonstrate these attributes through our actions with others as well…in dance and in our lives. The ADS family shows respect to our students and their families through clear communications, sensitivity and grace. Maintaining a culture of mutual respect is essential for us.

We value honesty, transparency, and a commitment to doing what is best for our students, families, and community.  Each student and their family are valued, so it is fundamental that we keep our commitments, act consistently and fairly, and do what we say we will. We are ethical and forthright, and devoted to give equal experience to all our dancers and families.

We conduct ourselves in a professional manner, providing a consistent, inclusive and fair experience for our entire community…the instructors, students, and families.

We believe a positive, optimistic and encouraging environment is essential for a student to learn, grow and build confidence. It is also an important life skill which serves us well in times of personal struggle and self-doubt. It is paramount to us to nurture, inspire and show our students the power of positivity as they learn a difficult and demanding form of art. Our favorite quote is, “I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday”. A positive attitude will help our students overcome immediate problems and prepare them for greater challenges, in dance and in life.

We believe that open and honest bi-directional communication will result in greater growth of the young dancer, promote goodwill and security, and decrease overall stress. Communication is the basis for the art of dance; the dancer learns to communicate through movements and expression. This is extended to training, where the instructor, studio and family work harmonize as a team, so that the most direct path to success is pursued. The success of each dancer is a result of great teamwork between the dance studio and our dance studio families.

Discipline in the dance studio is an extension of respect; students respect each other, their parents and the instructors. It also helps direct us from good and bad choices in life. Because our students are developing their social and emotional beings, we demonstrate discipline in the actions we take. This is reflected in both in and out of the classroom. The discipline that we learn in ballet is a roadmap for life. Self-discipline in the studio reflects in our practice and with our family and friends. It is a model for life and for success.  We aim to instill the importance of discipline in our dancers in order to help them push past their insecurities and fears, reach beyond their goals and become great leaders. All of the above is guided by the passion we put into our art, ballet.