Alma Dance School is a professional classical ballet school in Glen Ellyn that features three divisions. The Pre-Professional Division based is on the Cuban method of ballet. 

These three divisions were created to offer dancers a program that best suits their needs and schedules, with world-class ballet training led by two former Cuban principal dancers.

                                                       Children's Division                                                                                                       Pre-Professional Division                                                                                      Alternative Dance Division                                      

1. Children's Division
(Pre-Ballet 3-4, Pre-Ballet 5-6 & Introduction to  Level 1)
This division is for our young dance students, approximately ages 3-8, who are exploring their love of dance and movement. These classes are always fun, but are also educational, structured and learning-based. Our nurturing staff teach ballet rhythm, music, movement, coordination and creativity.

2. Pre-Professional Division
(Ballet A-C)
This division is to train the serious student who has strong aspirations of dancing at the professional or collegiate level. Dancers will need to audition to join the program and be placed in the correct level. The expectations from the teachers and the students are high in this division.  Attendance is vital.  Focus, commitment and discipline are necessary to succeed in this division. Students will be required to take a specified number of classes per week. The discipline of taking dance class every day at this level compares to those around the globe.  Our goal for dancers in the Pre-Professional Division is to compete with this level of training. Classes offered include: Ballet, Pointe/Pre-Pointe, Variations, Conditioning, Character, Contemporary/Modern. Benefits at this level include Parent/Teacher end-of-year evaluations and guidance with Youth America Grand Prix competitions or any other competition.  Students in this program will be required to dance exclusively with Alma Dance School because of the level of training and commitment required.

Requirements for PPBA include: 2 Ballet classes and 1 Conditioning class, totalling 4 hours a week.

Requirements for PPBB include: 3 Ballet classes, 2 Pre-Pointe/Pointe classes, and 2 Conditioning classes, totaling 8.5 hours a week.

Requirements for PPBC include: 4 Ballet classes, 4 Pointe classes, 2.5 Conditioning classes, 1 Character class, 1 Contemporary/Modern class, , totaling 14.5 hours a week.

3. Alternative Dance Division                                            The Alternative Dance Division is geared towards the student who loves to dance but would like to pursue dance recreationally. Fun, yet challenging classes will be offered in this division but less commitment will be required for dancers in this program . The Alternative Dance Division is divided into two levels:

Requirements for Alternative Dance Division 2 include: 1 Ballet class and 1 conditioning class totaling 2 hours and 15 minutes per week. Modern/Contemporary is also offered but not required. 

Requirements for Alternative Dance Division 3 include: 2 Ballet classes and 1 Pointe/Pre-Pointe class totaling 3.5 hours a week. Modern/Contemporary is also offered but not required.