Following is an overview of Alma Dance School policies. Further details are addressed in the handbook, which dancers and their parents will receive at time of registration.  

Placement evaluations are needed for students, beginning with Introduction to Level 1 and including both the Pre-Professional Division and Alternative Dance Division. This will help to determine the adequate level for each student. Level placement will be determined by the strength, technical knowledge, commitment and ability of the student. Age will not influence the level placement for a dancer and placement is made at the sole discretion of the Alma Dance School directors. Students should expect to stay in the same level an average of two years. However, if a student improves tremendously before the completion of those two years, the directors will move the dancer to the next level after the conclusion of one year in their current level. The student and parent will be notified of this change and required to meet with the school directors to discuss the future of their child’s dance progress and aspirations.

PRE-PROFESSIONAL DIVISION ATTENDANCE POLICY:                                        

Attendance is vital in the Pre-Professional Division. Focus, commitment and discipline are necessary to succeed in this division. The discipline of taking daily class at this level is comparable to dancers on an international level. Our goal for dancers in this division is to compete with this global level of training. First and foremost, the safety of each dancer is of primary importance to us and consistent class attendance prevents injury. Students who are frequently absent can sabotage their own progress and lower the class’s morale. It is important for our Pre-Professional Division to maintain a more rigorous schedule to achieve the ultimate goal of producing professional dancers. Therefore, Alma Dance School offers options to dancers who need a different type of training. We realize it takes great effort, dedication and focus, and we believe these class requirements can be achieved while simultaneously maintaining strong grades in school. Students are required to take a specified number of classes per week to remain in the program. If attendance becomes an issue, the student may be asked to step down to a lower level or possibly change to another division. Below is the attendance policy for excused absences:

  • Pre-Professional Division Ballet A: Five excused absences are permitted year-round.
  • Pre-Professional Division Ballet B: Seven excused absences are permitted year-round.
  • Pre-Professional Division Ballet C: Ten excused absences are permitted year-round.

 Excused absences include mandatory school testing and illness/injury. In the event a dancer becomes sick and misses two days of class, a doctor’s note will be required. We ask that parents please notify the school via email or by phone as soon as possible when and why their dancer is missing class.

In the event of a dancer missing more classes than permitted during the school year, the dancer may need to schedule some private lessons to catch up. If attendance becomes an issue the directors and parents may need to meet to find a solution for the dancer.

Please check page 11 in the 2018-2019 Student & Parent Handbook for the price on private lessons.

Focus and commitment are important to succeed in ballet at every level.  We ask that attendance remain at 85% or above for the Dance, Alternative and Children’s Division. In addition to getting the most out of the training, it is also important for building a sense of community in each class.

All divisions should arrive 15 minutes prior to class to warm up before starting.

Students in the Children’s Division (Pre-Ballet and Introduction to Level 1) who arrive after the start of class must be escorted to their studio by a parent.

Pre-Professional and Alternative Dance Division students who arrive more than 15 minutes late to a class will not be permitted to participate in that class but will be allowed to watch the remainder of the class. This policy is designed as a safeguard against injury because the dancer will not be warmed up properly because she or he is late; it is not to punish the dancer for their tardiness.

REFUND POLICY:                                                                                                                      2018-2019 Year-Round Tuition, including Summer Intensive Deposit, Summer Intensive Tuition, Costume Fees or any other fees paid to Alma Dance School or Alma Dance Theater, NFP are non-refundable and non-transferable. Alma Dance School’s tuition will not be pro-rated or refunded for dancers going away on vacation during the session or who have not attended make-up classes. In addition, tuition will not be refunded if a dancer decides to withdraw from the program early. We require 30-days’ notice to discontinue any classes. Withdrawals must be done in person, directly with the directors and will not be accepted over the phone or through email. Tuition must be paid the first day of each installment. Unpaid tuition will be charged a $35 late fee. There is an annual Registration Fee ($30.00 Individual/$50.00 per family).

Major Injuries: In the case of an injury which prevents a student from dancing and exists for 30 days or more, a credit will be issued toward the next semester under the following conditions:

  1. A letter must be presented from a doctor stating the medical condition and the number of days a dancer is unable to participate in class.
  2. A credit, determined by the number of days as indicated by the doctor, will be issued toward tuition for the consecutive semester only and cannot be carried over to subsequent semesters.
  3. Dancers, physically unable to participate in class, should continue to attend their classes and observe and take notes unless otherwise noted by the doctor, to ensure they do not fall behind in the curriculum.

RETURNED CHECKS:                                                                                                       A $40.00 fee will be charged for all checks returned by the bank for any reason. The fee must be paid within three days from the time the owner of the account is notified.

STUDENT PICK UP:                                                                                                           Students must be picked up on time. Parents that anticipate a delay in picking up their children should contact the school office as soon as possible and ideally before the end of their student’s class.

SCHOOL OFFICE HOURS:                                                                                                  Monday- Friday……………………………..4:00- 8:00pm                    Saturdays…………………………………… 9:00am- 2:00pm                           Sundays………………………………………Closed