Alma Dance School: The Right Choice

Just a short informational piece for everyone...we are exceptionally proud of our students and our families as we approach this busy month for Nutcracker performance. Perhaps you have wondered about the true benefits of ballet, our school and performance in the Nutcracker. We would like to present short information pieces in these newsletters which provides some clear answers to your questions.  This month, we would like to tell you about the true benefits of choosing Alma over other ballet schools and programs.  


From Guillermo and Vilma

At Alma Dance School, we teach the Cuban method of ballet. As professional dancers ourselves, trained under one method of ballet, we understand how important this is for developing dancers.  Through our past experiences in teaching and before opening our school, we found that dance studios tend to employ teachers with backgrounds and expertise in different styles of ballet, like Balanchine, Vaganova, Cechetti, etc. Such variation in training among the teachers can be exceptionally difficult for students; body positioning and even position names change depending on the style. The dancer can become very confused and, ultimately, the overall technique suffers.  The student is best served by learning the pure form of one style, so that they become proficient and structured in a recognized school of dance.  It is from this point that the student can learn other styles or modify, based upon the wishes of the company to which they are accepted. Unfortunately, training in different styles all at once leads to technique confusion. This can be perceived as undisciplined and sloppy dancing, rather than the consequent of training in many styles. What makes us different is that we both trained under the Cuban method of ballet. We only teach this method in our school.  The students are taught a powerful, lyrical and emotional form of ballet.  We will continue to train our students in one style because we know the power of this education. Cuban method is also the most desired style, as it is technically excellent while also being expressive and dramatic.